DIY Drone



Tools Required:

  • Solder Iron & necessary components for soldering

Total Est Cost

~ $596.11

Part List

RC Controller w/ receiver$58.28link
Jumper wire connectors$9.99link
PixHawk PPM Encoder$17.49link
XT60 Plugs$8.99link
Anti-vibration plate$7.79link
Quadcopter Frame$21.99link
PixHawk Flight Controller$189.99link
XT60 Connectors$9.98link
XT60 Power Module$13.68link
4x 30 A Brushless ESC$39.99link
Battery Checker$13.99link
920KV Brushless Motors$39.99link
GPS PixHawk$35.99link
500mAh LiPo Battery$53.99link
LiPo Charger$56.99link


Solder the 30A ESCs to the main board with the positive/negative terminals

Solder two female XT60 plugs together

Screw the frame to the largest board with the drone legs. You can also mount the motors during this phase as well.

!!!! Do not mount the motor cables through the bottom sides or you will have trouble mounting all the screws together.

Zip tie the battery to the bottom of the frame.

Zip tie the ESCs to the bottom of the arms and plug them into the motors.

Mount and Zip tie the PixHawk controller to the top bracket. I didn’t use the vibration dampening plate yet. Will fix that later.

Mount the GPS and zip tie the cord.

Zip tie the speaker and plug it into the pixhawk.

Plug in the power button to the pixhawk

Connect the XT60 plugs to the frame and the battery.

I’m still working through the RC configuration piece. If you apply the battery to the motors and Pixhawk controller. You will notice the motors chirp alive and the pixhawk controller lights spark up.

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