Solar & Battery Powered + Air Gradient Air Quality Monitoring


Install 4x4x8 Post + Add Concrete

Cut a 2×4 – 13″ long

Using Wood Screws mount the bracket to the 2×4

Place the 2×4 flat over the 4×4 and screw the board into the top of it.

Mount the Solar Panel to the bracket.

Wire Box to the battery

Cut holes in the battery box

Run wires through to the battery and bolt onto the terminals.

Solar Powered Box

Solder the connections for the button to the positive and negative connections. Using the diagrams for the button I came up with a wiring scheme from the button I found online.

2V to 5V DC USB Type-C$15.99
Solar Panel$49.99
LED Button$8.99
Menards – ABS Conduit Box$15
Lawn and Garden Battery~$45

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